Chance of invite for Electronics engineer ANZSCO code 233411

Hi Anil,

I am Sharada Mohan from Bangalore and I just received positive outcome from Engineers Australia for Electronics Engineer 233411 with my bachelors degree in electronics engineering and all my 8+ years of work experience considered relevant.

My age is 31, and PTE is 90/90 in all L,R,S & W.

With 15 points each for my degree and work experience, I have 80 points and I will be filing EOI today.

What are the chances of getting invite by June/July 2019?
I heard that the current cutoff for 2334 is 85 and I might not get it in June.

What do you think are my chances?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!

You have very good chance of invite in July 2019 draw.

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Thanks Anil.

Also, I wanted to know if it is a good idea to start the process of getting the police certificate (India) and medicals done along with my spouseā€™s English test (not adding spouse points) so that we are ready when the invite comes to lodge the visa application?

Is it too early?

Is there any restriction that we have to land in Australia within one year of medicals etc?

I suggest to apply for Indian police certificate from passport office now as they are valid for 12 months.

Do the medical for Australia after getting invite and submitting the visa application as it takes only 1-10 days.

The Australia Immigration assigns a ā€˜Initial Entry Dateā€™ which is usually within 12 months of Medical date for first entry after your PR approval. You have to enter Australia at-least once before this date to activate PR.

Hi Anil,

I recently achieved my desired score in PTE giving me additional 20pts and update my EOI. Now my total points is 75 for 189 & 80 for 190. My profession is Electrical Engineer 233311, I submitted my EOI last Dec 2018.

What are the chances of invites for both visa type?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Popon

The chances are good for an invite with 75 points for Electrical engineer starting July 2019.

Hi there
I would like to understand if I can expect an invite for Electronics Engineer (233411).
EOI submitted on Feb 28, 2019.
70 points for 189
75 points for 190 (NSW)

Thank You in advance

Chances are low for an invite with 70 points at this time for 233411.

You should try to. Increase your points to 75.

Hi Anil,
I have been reading online that there are already 50+ electronic engineers waiting with 80/85 points for the past 3 months (since they reduced the number of invites in the last quarter) and the ceiling for this occupation code 233411 is only 300.

So even with 80 points, to get an ITA I may have to wait till Feb next year.

Do you think this is true?
I am really worried and was sure that I would get ITA in July or at least August and now I might have to rethink Australia plans after all. :frowning:

Hi @sharada_mohan

All these are estimations as there is no real data about how many people are waiting.

I will have better estimation once July 2019 draw has happened.

Hello Anilā€¦Could you please advise on getting the invitation with 70 points for 190.
EOI was lodged for NSW under State nominationsā€¦ANZSCO Code 233411

appreciate your valuable advise here


Today you must have received the invitation Sharadaā€¦As one of my friend with 80 receivedā€¦

No unfortunately I havenā€™t. My DOE is 1st June 2019. They have sent to people with DOE before 26th April I think. What was your friendā€™s DOE?

I guess his was earlier. I have posted also, as I am also waiting for invite, do you have more information? 190 with 70 pointsā€¦ what are the chances

190 I have no idea as NSW is apparently closed till September 2019. 189 if you have 80 points and DOE is aster 26th April, we can expect in the next 2 months rounds. I hope.

Hello Anilā€¦Could you please look into and adviseā€¦

Hi @manishgarg

Chances are low for an invite with 70 points in 190. I suggest to try and increase them to at-least 75 + 5 to have any realistic chance.

Hi Anil,
My DOE being 1st June 2019 with 80 points for 233411 Electronics Engineer, I unfortunately didnā€™t receive an invite this time on 11th July. I have learned that they have given invites for 233411 until DOE 26th April 2019. Now that the first round is done and you might be in a good position to estimate, do you think I have a chance in August or September? I would very much like to get in August :frowning:

Hi @sharada_mohan

Even though the official results have not been published but i think that you have good chance of invitation in August 2019.

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Hi anil,
The official results are now out - Invitation rounds

The DOE for electronics engineers is 5th May 2019. So as you rightly said, I may stand a good chance of getting it next month. I will not be sleeping on the night of 10th August India time I think :wink:

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