Chance of invite for 263111, EOI 11-feb-2019: points 70

After all the impacts , do you think I may get invite for 189 with job I’d 263111 with 70 points as I submitted EOI on 11 Feb 2019 and ACS is valid till Jan 2020.

The chances are low for an invite with 70 points at this time as your occupation is in ‘pro-rata’ category with invites coming at 75 level.

I strongly recommend to try and increase your points to 75 to have realistic chance of invite in 189 visa going forward.

What are the chances for invite with 70+5 points for 190 . Job I’d 263111(computer network & system professional). Eoi submitted: 11-feb-2019

There is no official data share by states for an invite. So, it is difficult to estimate anything.

On the other hand, with 70 points, the chances are low as the 189 invites are being sent at 75 points.

Generally, States only invite people with top scores in their job code category.