Chance for 263111 before Nov 2019 with 75 points

Hello Anil,

Your opinion please.

With the recent visa changes and current trend, Do you see any chance of getting invite for 263111 before November 2019, if I submit EOI with 75 points for 189 & 80 points for 190 during first week of June.

I will loose points for age after November.


You have good chance of invitation with 75 points for 263111 before November 2019.


Thanks Anil, that’s encouraging :smile:

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Hi, I created my EoI 2 days back and have 75 points for 263111… given the number of reduced invites expected from July, what is the realistic invite date/month

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Hi @Ashwani_Narang

You can expect an invite in September 2019 draw.

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Thanks for the prompt response Anil. This forum is quite helpful!

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Hello Anil,
Appreciate your expert opinion, do you think if I can get invite before Nov. Submitted 263111 EOI with 75 points on 02/Jun for 189.

Thank you.

Hi @Kay

My estimate is still the same for your case.

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Thanks much Anil. Keeping my hopes alive :blush: