Certify ACS report and Marriage certificate for Australia PR?

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I have started uploading the docs have few questions:

  1. Do we need to certify ACS result before uploading
  2. marriage certificate also need to be certified
  3. for spouse - member of family unit - can we provide marriage certificate and lease doc first page (our names on it, the whole lease agreement is too big to be uploaded)
  4. for spouse - evidence of relationship - we can put above docs again.
  5. everywhere if we click on hint link we get few list of docs but from drop down for each category - I am assuming we can upload docs available from drop down although they are not on that hint link. will that be ok

Usual country of residence if currently living in USA but citizen of India
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Certify ACS result - Not required

ACS certificate certification is not required. You can do it if you want and it does not cost you much.

Marriage certificate Notary required

Yes, marriage certificate needs to be notarized.

Evidence of family unit for spouse

Marriage certificate works for family unit evidence.
More options:

Spouse evidence of payment relationship

Use passport if it has your spouse name.
Else, use marriage certificate.

Uploading documents

Yes, you can upload documents as per your choice.

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