Canada province pr NOC code - 1111 - 430 points

Hi Sir

I have a crs score of 430 . So currently express entry cut off is very high . My noc code is 1111 . So is there any chance of mine getting any province ?

Alberta has low crs cutoff but dnt know which code they pick or not .

Please suggest what should i do

Your best chance is with PNP nomination only as per current Canada CRS points trend.

It is not possible to suggest anything else with the limited information you have shared.

What else information you need from my side ? I’ll be happy to share .

While creating express entry profile should i do Noi for Alberta ?

Hi @Vanshaj_Kaushal

This is not a private consulting service. This is a public forum and we can only advise you on specific questions and cannot analyse your full profile.