Can you guide about Spouse points calculation?

Hi Anli,
Can you guide me about my Wife profile and possiblity and required point for the same.
Age =33
Education: B A/MA
Job:Primary teacher [Govt Job]
Exp.5 ~Years
Is there any requirment or Job code is there

You can see the full list of jobs available for PR along with required points for invite here:

Choose the one that best matches her profile and then we can suggest further steps.

241213 [best one]

Calculate Spouse points here:

I am successfully skill assessed with 263111 (Computer Network And Systems Engineer).
I am applying through SC 190 visa. Can I get my spouse points using 511111 (Contracts Administrator) if successfully skill assessed.
Thank you

Hi @amathew

I moved your question here as it has already been answered above.

You need to make sure all the criteria for spouse are met before you can claim her points.

My wife’s job code should also be from the MLTSOL or the selected job code should be eligible for SC 190 visa? As I am confused if 511111 can used for claiming 5 points for 263111

Hi @amathew

Spouse job code should be in the same list as yours to be eligible for points.

Hi Anil,

If the wife is fluent in english but doesnt work. Can i claim point for her PTE only ?

Hi @thetechnocrat

You can claim points for spouse English only after Nov 16, 2019 as the new system will allow it. At this time, the current system does not have any points for spouse English only.

Dear Anil,
Same list means which one, “MLTSSL” or “190 visa skill occupation list”. Please please clarify. This is most important.

Hi @amathew

Same list means “MLTSSL” or “STSOL”.