Can we medical health check before getting 189 visa invitation?

Hi Anil,

Can you please let me know where can I get HAP ID? Do we get appointment quickly in US?

I assume this is not as time consuming as Indian PCC which an take upto 4-6 weeks.

Also, can we do before we get ITA (I’m expecting ITA in Nov round) to save time?

Use this step by step process to generate HAP ID:

Medical reports are uploaded directly to immiaccount website by doctors and they take 7-14 days.

The doctors appointment might take time in USA.

Yes, you can do it before getting ITA but I recommend doing it after ITA.

Thanks Anil.

In Step 8 (Health declarations), Does any applicant intend to work as, or study to be a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic during their stay in Australia?

Does this mean does the primary application or dependents intend to “work as a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic” or “study to be doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic”?

My EOI is for 261313 and I’m not claiming any points for my wife and she is not in the field of medicine as well.

Then, you should answer ‘No’.