Can we get Health check up done in Malaysia?

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Anil, I got invited to apply for visa 189, I am uploading all my necessary documents now, just got a few questions for you if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

  1. Do we need to certify passports, academic transcripts, birth certs and all other original documents? Or would a scanned color copy would be enough?

  2. I am from malaysia, moved to Perth to study since 2012, I assume that I will need police clearance for both Malaysia and Australia. But the processing time for a clearance from malaysia might take 2 months, can I just submit my application without malaysia clearance if the clearance wasn’t ready to collect before the expiry date?

  3. Any chance I can do my medical check in Malaysia before submitting my application? I can’t seemed to find it in my ImmiAccount.

  4. My current 485 visa expires on April, once I submit my application, can I still travel around before April? Or will I need to apply for a Bridging visa B?

I have so much more questions hahahaha, but these are the main big ones.
Your help will be much appreciated! Thank you.

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Certified copies are required

Certified copies are required for all documents except police clearance, assessment report and English language result.

Police clearance is mandatory document

Police clearance is a mandatory document. You need to have at-least one document uploaded to submit your application. You can upload Australia’s police clearance and upload.
Then, upload Malaysian police clearance later.

Yes, health check up can be done in Malaysia

If there is an Authorized health check medical center in Malaysia, then you can certainly do it there.

Bridging Visa

I am not sure about the bridging visa point.
Once you apply for 189, you cannot use it until it is approved. So, you need some other visa to enter Australia if you want to visit before it’s approval.

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Thanks for the swift reply Anil.

  1. Should I then scan the color documents into PC, print it out, certify it, then scan it back to PC to upload again?

  2. Good to know I can do a medical check before submitting my application, but how?

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  1. You can do whatever way it is comfortable and easy for you.

  2. Use this guide for generating HAP ID before submitting application: