Can we file i485 if final action date is past our priority date

Hi anil,
my husband’s previous company filed GC for him and our priority date is june 2016. He switched employer after 6 months of approved i140 then his current company filed GC for him and stopped with job recruitment step because he changed team inside company so the new team didn’t proceed with his perm application as his roles and responsibilities were added a bit and they said they would file his GC when final action date is 1yr before his priority date. Now that the dates are moving faster and there is an anticipation in October 21 the final action and filing dates would move faster. Our concern and question is if his employer files GC and if the final action date is past our priority date considering till the perm approval step it takes 1.5yrs. Would we be still able to file for i140 and i485 together in 4th quarter 2022 or 1st quarter of 2023 to get GC or if we miss this window to file for i485 will it take again years for us to file for i485 and get our GC. Should we consider moving back to employer A and request to file for GC. It’s been 4yrs my husband left employer A working as an software engineer and progressed in his role as software architect if he wants to go back would he have to join as software engineer. Please someone give thoughts on these questions

You can file I140 & I485 concurrently in future if your date is still current. The opportunity is not lost unless the date retrogress or the green card job no more exists for whatever reasons.

This is completely your choice.

So is there a chance or anticipation that the current and final action dates would regress if we miss the window oct 2021 to oct 2022 to file i485 in our case concurrently with i140