Can we file I485 along with I140?

Hi Anil,

My EB3 Priority date was on Dec 30, 2013.

I have changed employer and my current employer started GC and perm was filed on May 18, 2020.

Expecting it will be approved by end of this month(Oct 2020). Assuming dates are current in Nov 2020 edition of visa bulletin, Can I file I485 along with I140.?

Usually Is attorney will take care of filing I485? or do I need take care of it? We are three in the family(My wife(She is on H4 EAD), Kid and myself).

Do I need to file 3 separate I485s?

Also I heard that EAD/AP needs to be filed as well. So along with I140, can we able file I485/EAD/AP forms all at once?

Not sure what forms needs to be filled in for EAD/AP. I am looking for recommendations on what is the best way to proceed in my scenario? and also can you provide I485/EAD/AP checklist and form filling instructions.

Just wanted to be prepare in advance before dates retrogress. Do I still eligible to get EAD if dates retrogress before getting the receipt notice of I485?
Appreciate all you help!


You can file i485, i140 along with EAD and AP.

The full list of 485 documents is available here.

You can use this app to generate the documents list for whole family too.

Thanks Anil for quick reply. when concurrently filing i485, i140 along with EAD and AP. what should I fill up for A number in the i485 form? Also instead of paying through check, can I provide credit card Information? If yes, Do I need to fill any form?

Hi Anil,

When my attorney concurrently files I-140(premium processing)/I-485 on Oct 30, 2020. Still my filing will be eligible for pending AOS as attorney will be filing before cutoff date? Is USCIS first approves I-140 and then will look at I-485 and will get the receipt notice?