Can we enter USA using advance parole?

Hi Anil, My Wife traveled to India recently due to medical emergency on 06/14. She has H-4 Approved 797 Until 2022. We applied the Advance parol in April 25th and we got a approval on 06/18 after she left. Since Trump issue a ban on H1 Visa, if she is able to come with approved advance parol ( if i ship to india). Madhu

You should be able to enter the USA using advance parole.


Thanks for the reply.

We got the new advance parole card after she left for India.

Old AP Card Valid date: 06/25/2020
Travel Date: 06/14/2020
Ap is approved on 06/18/2020

if I ship the new card to India. is She can enter the USA using the new card or is there any problem since it’s approved after she left the USA.