Can we add my father-in-law name on son's family Immigration application?

My Mother-in-law has submitted GC application for her son (he is not in USA ) who is minor (around 20 years ). so for now she is applicant for her son.

Can we add my father-in-law name on same application so when she travel abroad so that deduction time can be avoided?


Hi @mpate131

I don’t completely understand the situation and your question.

Can you share more details?

Why is the son and husband out of US and what is the status of husband?

Son And husband is in india now. Only mother is just arrived in usa and son is 20 year old (minor) so we are running with tight deadline with his file.

But let’s say if my father in law is coming usa next month so can we add his name in same application ? So in case if my mother in law has to go for vacation so we can avoid deduction time for her son with his GC files.

Thanks ,

hope this info makes you clear… let me know if you need any additional info then.!!

Thanks !!

Hi @mpate131

You have not answered what i asked.