Can US Citizen holding OCI card give Power of Attorney to relative while visiting India?

Can a US Citizen holding OCI card, PAN Card give Power of Attorney to a relative while visiting India or should the US citizen first do the POA through notary public in USA and carry the document to India and get it adjudicated in India.

US citizen should get the PoA Apostiled by state secretary and then attested by Indian Embassy and then visit India.

Refer this for your case:

Dear Mr. Gupta— When the US citizen is IN India for vacation. Can he not get the POA registered personally?

As per my information, anyone who is trying to register PoA in India needs a valid Indian residence proof.
If you have one, you can go ahead and do it.

In case of US citizen and US passport holder, it is important to get attestation from Indian Embassy. You cannot directly register PoA in India.
You can consult a lawyer to get more information.