Can Software Tester provide 5 spouse points to Software Engineer i,e combining 190+189

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

I have applied for ACS as ‘Software tester’ which comes under 190 Visa Sponsorship

whereas my husband has applied as ‘Software Engineer’ which comes under both 189 and 190.

Now, if we apply with my husband as primary applicant, can I provide 5 additional spouse points? I have this doubt if we can combine 190 and 180 category.

Also, If I be the primary applicant, would the probabilities of getting an invite reduce? How do we even know who is the best primary applicant?

Appreciate your assistance.


Spouse points cannot be claimed if job is on separate lists

You can claim spouse points only if the spouse’s job code is in the same occupation LIST as the primary applicant.

  1. Software Tester is part of STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List) list at this time.
  2. Software Engineer is part of MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) list.
    You can check the list and other details for job codes here:

So, in your case none of you can claim spouse points.
Which means that it does not matter if you become the primary or your husband becomes primary.

Due to your job codes on separate occupation lists, you cannot claim spouse’s 5 extra points.

Australia spouse points calculator

Use this Australia skillselect points calculator to find your total points.
It checks everything that is possible including spouse eligibility:

Both Software Tester and Software Engineer are on state 190 list

At this time, both Software tester and Software Engineer are on the list for Victoria and QueensLand, but that does not qualify for getting spouse points.

Thanks a lot for this information.

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Hi, My Husband is a software engineer and role is Software programmer (Anz code 261313) and iam software engineer and my role is Quality Assuarance (261314). Can I support my husband Australia PR with my 10 points. Because both of our designations shows Software engineer but roles and responsibilities are different. I already have PTE 5 points. And he has 65 points. If I can contribute my 10points…score will be 80.

Hi @Ashakishore

Please read my answer above.