Can sample work experience letter for ACS be used for CPA/Vetasses

Thanks Anil.

I am doing my skill assessment from Vetasses and CPA Australia.
For experience reference letter and documentation should i follow the same guidelines as for ACS assessment. I have seen a detailed post for skill assessment from ACS but not seen detailed post for skill assessment from CPA/Vetasses.

Hi @AustPR

The sample Australia PR experience letter has almost everything that is required to prove your work and can be used for any assessment agency.

Hi after 12th, I have done 4 year Engineering course in computer science as graduation from Meerut university. Post my , I have completed 1 year full time Post graduate diploma in Banking (PGDB) from Manipal university.
I have all work experience relevant to my PGDB. Now while doing assessment should I show both my graduation and post graduation?

I have read that work experience should be relevant to area of study. In my case my is not related to my work experience but 1 year PGDB is relevant. Also will any experience of mine will be deducted or not as I have a doubt if 1 year PGDB course is considered equivalent to bachelor degree in Australia?

Hi @AustPR

The education should match with your ANZSCO code to get positive assessment.

You can submit your bachelor degree as well.