Can my real sister in Australia help me get points for 189/190 PR?

(Anonymous) #1

Hello Anil,
I have few questions regarding the submission of my EOI.

  1. I have degree in Electronics & Communication and working in IT job for 7 years, so I think ACS will give me only 5 points for my education vs work experience as it is ACS Minor ?

  2. With this calculation my points are 65 (including my spouse -5 points), so should i go ahead and at the least submit the EOI and update my file once i get extra 10 points for PTE?

  3. My real sister is in Australia and she can only help me to get 5 points for family sponsorship i.e 489 visa, but do we get that with 65+5 points at the current situation ?As the scores are almost 70(individual)+5(family).

(Anil Gupta) #2
  1. It depends on what subjects you studied in your bachelor degree. ACS assessment matters a lot.

  2. If you want to claim spouse points, assessment is needed from the relevant assessment agency for her ANZSCO code.

  3. There are no family points for 189/190 PR.

  4. I can estimate your chances of invite if you can share your ANZSCO code.