Can my Father in India sponsor my B2 visa for visiting sister in USA?


I am planning to visit my sister staying in USA. I have applied for B2 visa. I have some doubts regarding who can sponsor my trip. My father, who is with me in India is willing to sponsor my trip.

  1. Can my father sponsor my visit, if no why?

  2. What are the documents which will be required from my father?

  3. Should my sister mention in the invitation letter that our father is sponsoring my trip?

Can you please let me know as soon as possible.

Father in India can sponsor B2 visa

Yes, your father in India can sponsor your trip for visiting your sister in USA.

Invitation letter from sister already in USA

The invitation letter should clearly mention who’s sponsoring the trip and your sibling in US can mention your father’s name.

Remember that you will need to prove that you will come back to India.
The immigration office should not get the impression that you are going to ‘Not return’.

Father’s sponsorship documents - India

Your father can show his income tax returns, bank statement and any property papers (that he owns) to prove that he has the money to sponsor you for the time you will be in US.

Read details here:

Thank you for the information :smile: !

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