Can IT professional year points be added for PR as a Lawyer?

Hi, I have studied ICT Business Analyst(Masters) from Melbourne and is currently completing my professional year.

I am also completing my Law subjects for getting my Law degree assessed. I have three questions-

  1. Can my IT professional year points be calculated towards my PR application as a Lawyer?
  2. What are the chances of EOI in Lawyer category at 80 points? 85 with professional year points.
  3. What is the minimum cut off points, in your opinion, for being succeeded in 190 visa application for NSW?

Hi @Rksharma

IT work experience cannot be counted for points for lawyer’s job code.

You cannot claim points for work experience that has not been marked relevant by assessment agency.

80/85 points have good chance for both 189 and 190.

Respected Sir, I am asking that if 5 points which are given after doing Professional Year can be counted independently? Work experience should be in the relevant field but does PY is also a ’ work experience’ for assessment purpose or it is a seperate header like Naati point. Thanks & Regards.

Professional year is separate but it will need an assessment too. If the assessment agency marks it as relevant, then you can count the points.

Thanks for your prompt reply. It is a great work being done by you. Can you please explain that in light of previous round when invitations are being given at 95 points, why anyone should hope that one will get EOI at 85 points?

Hi @Rksharma

Once the number of invites are increased and sustained, the points requirement should come down.

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