Can I write subject names on a page and send it for DU transcripts?

Hi, I passed out long time back so i do not have the syllabus.

But I have all the subject names. Can I print that out on a page and send it?

Did you check if your syllabus is available here on DU website (this link is available above. I just copy pasted it here)

If not, then, yes, you can write it in plain piece of paper and submit it.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes I did check this but this has syllabus of semester system, I passed when there was part I and II and III.

I have the paper numbers for part II & III since they changed the format of the marksheet that very year.

However no paper number is mentioned on marksheet for part I.

Can I just copy down everything that there is on the makrsheet and on its back and submit?

Yes, you can do that.