Can I use H4EAD to start working from India

Hi @Anil_Gupta

I travelled to India on a family emergence. I attended my H4 visa stamping on Apr 1 2021, unfortunately I got 221g and still waiting on it.

I have my H4 Ead card valid till 07/15/2022.

Now situation is I got a fulltime job with Company A.
Can I start working under US payroll if the company accepts me to work from India?

Please Clarify.

Hello Sai,
Unlike H1B where there is a LCA for specific site location/MSA and the employee is supposed to work from the work location in the LCA, H4 EAD do not have any such limitations. If your employer is ok with you working remotely from India, it should be ok.

Double check with your company’s immigration attorney though.

Do not forget to look into the tax implications if you are staying in India for more than 6 months as the residency status may change in that case.