Can I use automatic revalidation when H4 extension application pending?

My H4 visa , I 94 both are valid till Feb’22 but my visa stamping on my passport is expired. My Husband’s H1B is approved till 2025. I have a H4 extension application pending. Can I visit Mexico and get I 94 extended using automatic revalidation? If yes what will happen to my pending H4/ H4 EAD application? If no, what are my other options?

Yes. You may need Mexico tourist card if your H1B visa has not expired.

They will keep processing.

Hi Madhu,

My wife also in similar situation. Have you got any suggestions?

As we also planning to visit Mexican border soon.


Hello Naresh,

Today I visited Laredo, TX and got I 94 extended for 1 year. No issues just make sure be there early as lots of people trying this option.


Thank you so much Madhu

I am visiting Nogales,AZ next week.
Will try our luck.

May I know what are the docs they asked ?
Is your spouse also with you at POE?

Carry everything that you have to support legal status, work and residence ( both you and spouse). It depends on officer what they want to see.

Yes, my spouse was also with me at poe. That will strengthen the case. Good luck!


Hi Madhu,

Mai I know,You got new i94 or old one extended ?

New I 94. Did you get yours?


Yeah done
She got new i94.
But as my passport got expiring Nov 2023, so my i94 date got reduced and she also got until Nov 2023.

Her H4 and EAD are in process, do we need to do anything else ?


May I know when you applied for H4 extension? Because am also in the same boat, My husband’s H4 is expiring and he doesnt have a valid visa stamping on his passport, But I got my H1 approved till Feb 2025. Planning to cross the border this week as his i94 is expiring soon(Apr 2022).


Hi Hima,

I applied extension for my wife in December which was supposed to be expired in Apr 2022, and visited Nogales, AZ in Feb and got her i94 extended.


Thanks Naresh. We had crossed border at san ysidro port of entry in san diego and were able to extend my husband’s i94 till my H1 validity, he also got his H4 approved but we did not get his I797A with i94 attached to it, so in order auto renew his EAD we had updated i94 and crossing the border was the quickest way to update his i94.


I have the same question, Will H4 extension and EAD extension abandoned (because of new i94) or can we send the new I94 to continue processing the H4 and EAD extension?


You should send in the copy of new I-94 issued by CBP to the USCIS center processing your EAD. Generally speaking extension of status application may keep processing while you travel outside of the US, in your case travelling to the border to get I-94 extended.

HI Naresh,
I am in the same boat, Kalpesh mentioned in the comments that we need Mexico tourist card ? Do we need to do anything prior to going to border, Do we just cross and come back immediately? @ksiva123 Did you end up going, how was your experience?

Hi Pushkar,

If you need to cross the border by Air then yes you need Mexico Tourist Card incase if you dont have valid US Visa. For border crossing via land then you dont need Tourist card. I did cross the border in Feb at Nogales, AZ. It was smooth and immediate, they are aware of the process.

Good luck.

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Not yet… I saw from other thread that it did not work in San Ysidro border.

Hi Naresh, I had few questions related to this process, specially if you had a valid visa etc… If you can message me on 8043006878, that would be a great help.


Did anyone cross Mexico land border from San Diego and got H4 I94 extended based on spouse’s I797 for 180 day extension.
Any response will be really appreciated. Thanks!

[quote=“Madhumita.choudhury1, post:4, topic:9744”]
Today I visited Laredo, TX and got I 94 extended for 1 year. No issues just make sure be there early as lots of people trying this option.

[/quote] Hi, i want to utilize the AVR process for my wife, who is on H4. Our current H1B & H4 are valid till June 18, 2022. My employer is applying for extensions. If I do H1B ext in PP and get my I797A notice, can my wife also travel with me to MX or Canada and utilize this AVR process to get her H4 extended? It seems like H4 ext may not get approved in this time frame considering the processing times. So, she will have to tag along with me on my H1B ext notice. In this case, if she is allowed to re-enter US, would her new I94 be issued to expiration of her current H4 date or would it be same as my I94 (should be based on dates on new approval notice). Also, does this AVR process affects any pending applications for H4 & H4 EAD or I-485/I-131/1765?