Can i travel and am eligible for visa?

I wanted to have some inputs on the travel ban policy.

I have moved to a new company on 10th Aug, and my petition is approved. Now I plan to travel in November and am eligible for dropbox as per 24 months rule and am a little confused with your article on the travel ban policy.

I am eligible to travel back in case my visa is approved as per the below statement.

H1B Changes (12 Aug):

H1B/L1 can apply for a visa if you are still working for the same H1B/L1 employer, same job role, and position for whom you were working in the USA before your travel.

But at the same time, it seems I am not eligible for traveling as per the below statement ( as my H1b transfer was done during July ( I am in the USA as of today )

If you filed an H1B transfer or an amendment after June 22, 2020, and now want to return to the US, then you are not allowed until the ban is active.

could you please provide the inputs

Hi @Rocky

Please use this USA travel ban app to find your eligibility.

Thanks Anil . I see the elgibillity for travel ban but am little confused whether am elgibile for my visa stamping in India or not . Here are the details

Last expired visa : 18th June 2019
Dropbox eligibility : Yes
Visa class : H1B ( No change )

I have moved to different company post 24th June and my petition is approved ( I am in US only as of today )

I am planning to travel around November month-end .

I would like to know if visa can be provided to me or will they issue 221 as my petition was approved post 24th June

Its better that you don’t travel as the chances are very high that you may not be able to get visa stamp.