Can I request USCIS for expediting H4 EAD?

A colleague of mine had
Filed the renewal of her spouse H4 EAD .
It’s been 3 months and no news .
Now her employment is getting over on May 20th .Is there a way they can get this expedited ?

1 . Reaching out to the local congressman and asking for a letter from USCIS to allow her to work till the renewal is approved ?

2 . Any other way ?

The only is to file an EAD expedite request.

Contacting a congressman and asking them to send the EAD expedite request has better chances of approval though.

Is the H1 also pending? Any change of status? Or is this a standalone H4 EAD application? I’m trying get a sense of the delay. As Anil indicated the Congressman/woman may be the best option. Good luck!

No H1 is already approved