Can I join a university which offers day 1 cpt - Is it legal?


According to john maino, H4 ead will be removed , and in last OMB meeting update they mentioned as final rule, and its going to be 90 days for OMB to give final update , by looking at all these scenarios , Is H4 ead going to be revoked ?

I applied for H4 and H4 EAD extension in April last week, my current H4 & EAD expires in SEP 2019, what are the chances of getting approval before expiry date ? will it take separate 3-5 months for each H4 and EAD extension ? Will h4 be revoked by this time ? please share your thoughts.

Can I join a university which offers day 1 cpt (Is it legal ? )

My application was sent to nebraska service center, (LIN)

Your H4 EAD will be approved.

There is no information on when the H4 EAD will be finally removed yet as i have covered.

Day 1 CPT is legal but not recommend.

why is it not recommended ? any issues with CPT ?
any other alternative if I don’t get my h4 extension before current expiry date ?

You are expected to study on student visa full time and not just start working on Day 1 using CPT.

Recently, US government arrested and deported many people who were using day 1 CPT by setting up a fake university.

I strongly suggest to not use Day 1 CPT.

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