Can I go to Laredo and get my I-94 extended after i94 expiry?

My I-94 expired and I just realized it yesterday.
Can I go to Laredo and get my I-94 extended as well?

Was your I-94 expired?

CBP officer can extend your i94 without crossing border only if i94 is still valid.

If your i94 has expired but your visa is valid, then the only way is to go out of USA and then re-enter.
You can certainly go to Laredo border, cross the border and re-enter.

Thank you so much for the update. Do you know of anyone who got this done very recently.

When I called CBP officers in Dallas, they told me that I can’t go to either Mexico, Canada or Caribbean Islands as they are still considered North America and would not be able to update the I-94 even if I travel there.

Not sure if this is recent change after June 1, 2018 (when you got I-94 extended).
So, just wanted to make sure as there’s another check at the 35 mile Laredo border.

Appreciate your time and help.

Don’t worry about what CBP officer at Dallas say. They do not know the process. It has not changed and multiple people have got the i94 fixed at US Mexico border.

You can read about the experience from San Diego US mexico border (same as Laredo Border) here:

The 35 mile check at Laredo is inside USA and off-course you would need an un-expired i94 to pass through it. This check-post is while you are coming back from border towards US.

That is why I said that you need to cross border and re-enter which will off-course give you a new printed paper i94.

Thank you so much. It gives me much confidence now. Planning to go there tomorrow.

Would update once I am back about my experience.

You are welcome. Let me know if you need more information. Its pretty easy though if you look at the pictures shared above.

Hi Anil,

I went for my I-94 extension yesterday and it was very easy.

Thankfully, I didn’t even cross the border as the officer in the CBP opposite Valero only extended the date to match it to the I-797.

It was just a 10 minute thing. Being very scared, talking to different attorneys and CBP officers, as to how to address this as my I-94 expired, we saw your post to be a blessing.

You were so detail about every step that it boosted our confidence and hope it helps many more folks like me.

Thanks a ton for all your help and appreciate your responses for all of my questions.

I just feel thanking you is not enough and it’s much more beyond words.

You are welcome. I am glad it helped.


can employee go to Laredo Tx CBP to get I94 extended(expired due to passport) if previous H1 is from another state and valid till one more year.
Employer has just filed LCA for new location(H1 amendment not filed yet as waiting for project to start) but i94 will expire soon

Yes, you can visit Laredo, TX to extend i94. H1 state of work location does not matter.

Anil, my I797A I94 valid until July 2022, due to my last travel my I94 was limited to august 2021 matching my passport expiry, I don’t have a valid visa. Could you share your thoughts to update I94 matching to I797A date. I have new passport now, tried reaching airport, deferred inspection site, uscis infopass appointment all of no luck. Unable to travel given the pandemic. Could you please share your thoughts. I am based out of houston.