Can I get h1b extension stamp in Canada?

Hi @Anil_Gupta ,

Could you please guide me the following:

My H1B visa extn has been approved recently. I would like to get visa stamped in my indian passport.

So what is the process to get H1B Visa stamp in Canada?
I am going to Canada with Visiting visa. So What are the steps Do I need to do?


Hi @marg2018

Yes, you can get your H1B visa stamped in #canada.

The stamping process with US embassy is same as stamping in India.
You have to fill DS 160 form and then take an appointment with your choice of US Embassy in Canada.

Visit the embassy on your appointment date and then appear for visa interview.
Once your visa is approved, you can re-enter USA using the new #usa:h1b stamp.

Do you need any help with anything else?

Hello Anil,

Thanks for the reply.

I have one more query.

My current project assignment is end by mid of June. So if I go ahead to H1B Visa stamping process in Canada - US embassy, what are the documents do I need to submit? Do I need to submit the client letter along with my latest H1B documents?

Actual query - for example, If I get the Visa Interview appointment in 18th June. and project suppose to end by 10th June.

  1. Suppose if I go to India, for stamping process, do I need to submit the client letter?

Please advise me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @marg2018

Submitting client letter is not required by embassy for Visa stamping interview.

The only caveat is that Visa officer CAN ask for any document that he/she may think needs to be shown as a proof of your H1B visa, including client letter, pay slips, W2 tax documents etc.

That is why people advise to carry ‘Client Letter’ and other such proofs that were submitted with #h1b-extension application.

The visa officer has all the information about your #H1B extension and would not need any other document from you unless they want to re-verify your claims.

Coming to your question of Project ending, does the client letter specifically mention the June 10 as project end date?
What is your H1B extension’s validity date?

Coming to your question of Project ending, does the client letter specifically mention the June 10 as project end date ? >>>

Our contract is expired in 10th June. And none of the place mentioned in any documents.

What is your H1B extension’s validity date ? till 2021.

Suppose, if I am not able to produce the client letter interview time, what will happen?

Hi @marg2018

As I already said that there is no fixed list of documents that may be asked at the visa interview, there is no guarantee that you will asked to provide client letter.

The decision will depend on the Visa Officer who is taking your interview to decide the next action in case you are not able to provide the document that he asked for. We cannot really guess what they may ask and do.

Just a suggestion, if you are currently in USA, you can keep staying in USA (with your approved H1B extension) without visa stamping unless you have to travel outside US.
So, if you are worried about visa interview, do not travel until you can get another project and another client letter.

Hello Anil sir, Hope you are doing well! you have been extremely helpful to me before so hoping you can help again figure out a solution now.

my wife needs to travel to India but she doesn’t have visa stamping and given US Consulate in India is still not open for H1B stamping so can she get it done in Canada or elsewhere? Thanks!

Hi @Neel9999

US embassy in Canada allows H1B stamping.

Thanks Anil, so are they allowing H1b visa appointments currently? In India, h1b stamping will not be allowed until Jan 1st next year but Canada embassy I heard got opened but I am not sure if they are allowing H1b stamping as of yet.

The H1B visa stamping ia currently being given if you are eligible to travel to US based on travel ban rules.