Can I File i140 from India?

Can I apply for I-140 from India and subsequently extension of H1B.

My H1B cap is going to expire in 12 months and I can forsee that, the time would be good for me to only get PERM by the H1B expiration.

You can file i140 from India. You can then use the approved i140 to file H1B extension.

Thank you for the information

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is it allowed to file EB2 to EB1 port from India as well?

You can do anything if you are eligible.

My H1B maxout is 31-Mar-2020 (all vacation time recaptured), Perm is filed on Dec-15.

My employer is US based with no Offshore, can they keep me as employee legally after Mar-2020, if they cannot keep me as employee legally but continue processing my I140, will they still be able to apply for H1B extension while I am in India.

Please advise

Hi @gaganmay26

Please see my answer above.

Thank you Anil!

Will i not need US paystubs for H1b extension.

I will not be working while i am in India.

Pay stubs are required only when you are currently working in US and asking for extension.