Can i consider Mechanical engineer if i am Computer aided engineer

Computer aided engineer(can i consider Mechanical engineer) , please help me to choose correct ANZSCO code

Hi @Eswar_Edpuganti

Do you think the information that you have given is enough to suggest you anything? Should i just guess what you really do on daily basis?

You have to use your daily job duties to select an appropriate job code for you.

CAE Engineer Responsibilities and Duties . Perform complex design analysis using Computer Aided Engineering ( CAE ) software. Understand customer basic requirements and expectations for new product design and improved designs. Develop alternative design solutions or quick engineering solutions for complex problems.

Sorry, i can only answer specific queries.

If you want me to do google search for you and then answer, you have to pay me for my time and serviceā€¦

On public forums, people will not research for you for free. You should not expect it either.

right this is public forum anybody can answer im waiting for someone who is already applied Australia as a mechanical engineer.

i am not expecting answer from you in the first place.