Can i buy mobile, laptop and camera with per diem money?

Company asking for per diem receipts

Hi in my case my company is asking for all the bills to calculate what is saved money

Are personal expenses on Laptop mobile and camera are tax exempt?

Wanted to know if I have spent money to buy mobile, laptop and camera, can I exempt that money and arrive remaining balance as net taxable per diem ?

Only business expenses are tax free in per diem

Your company is only interested in the bills for the amount that you spent for work purpose i.e. whatever was required and is allowed as expenditure by your company for business work.

Personal Laptop, Mobile and camera purchases bills not reimbursable

They would not recognize the bills for your personal expenses (your laptop, mobile and camera) have been purchased for personal use and not company work. Right?

So, it is your personal expense and will be counted as your saved money.

Hey thanks for immediate reply
One more thing, if we are talking about bills then I should be able to submit bills for things which I have brought in India to be used in USA, grocery, jacket, medicine etc which was brought and will be used only in USA …

It depends on your company policy on what all expenses they would accept. Normally, these kind of lodging and boarding expenses, medical expenses, clothing and miscellaneous expenses are allowed to a certain extent.
Talk to your company’s HR about their policy.