Can I apply for Indian PCC in any USA Indian Embassy?

Hello Anil,

Can I apply in Houston or Atlanta Indian embassy as per my choice?

I am looking to apply for PCC for my stay in India too. I stay in Seattle, USA and there is no Indian Consulate here. I would like to know if I can apply for PCC from any of the five Indian consulates (Sfo, Chicago, NY, Houston or Atlanta) or do I only have to apply from Sfo since Seattle comes under the western region?

Avoid filling Personal Particular Form

I am asking this because I would like to avoid filling the extra ‘Personal Particular Form’ which is only required by Sfo and Chicago consulates. Also, is there an advantage in choosing to avoid filling this form and apply from either Houston or Atlanta consulates?

Please help! Looking forward to hearing from you.

You cannot choose Indian embassy. You have to apply in Indian embassy that has your residential address’s jurisdiction.
For Seattle, you have to apply in SFO Indian Embassy.

If you apply in any other Indian embassy, they will simply return your application and you will waste you time and money.

Anil, thank you for the prompt response. I really appreciate the help you are doing. I have a couple of questions more regarding the application process. Note that I am applying through mail.

This is a paragraph from the SFO consulate’s website for your quick reference:

“Supporting Documents: Photocopy of all supporting documents should be notarized and attached to the application. Do not send any original documents except the PASSPORT and the document to be attested.”

So, here are the questions I have:

  1. Does this mean that I need to send my original passport along with the notarized photocopies of the requested documents in the package? My passport was issued to me back when I was in India in 2010. So, this means the passport along with my application package is again sent to India for local verification?
  2. What is the “document to be attested” in the last part of that sentence?
  3. Can I fill the application form and personal particulars form online and download them instead of using a pen?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks much!

Original Indian Passport is NOT sent to India

You will send the original passport only to Indian Embassy. They do NOT send it to India. Indian embassy needs original passport only for your identity verification.
Only a request is sent to Indian Passport office in India for your police clearance (which would have happened at the time of issuing passport).

Documents required for Indian PCC

Documents that you need to send along with passport are mentioned here:

Fill and Print Application forms

You can fill it online and print. But, if you look at the online forms, you will realize that they can’t really be filled online! You will have to download, print and fill by hand.

Original passport will be held by Indian Embassy for 6 weeks?

Since I am applying through mail, this means that I only get my passport back when the verification in India is done and when they send me the clearance certificate back in the pre-paid return mail that I send with along my initial application?

That is again approximately 6-8 weeks for me without a passport?

Yes, that’s correct. Your passport will be returned with your Indian PCC and that may take up-to 6 weeks since your passport was issued in India.

Anil so I have one more question.

What if I travel to SFO and apply in person? Will I get my passport back immediately the same day?

Yes, they will give your passport back immediately if you apply in person.