Can I apply for a 190 or 489 visa while on a 417 visa?

(Anonymous) #1

Can I use Australian work experience in my nominated occupation gained while on a 417 visa towards enhancing my points tally ?

Can I apply for a 190 or 489 visa while on a 417 visa or do I have to go outside Australia and then apply ?

(Anil Gupta) #2

You can use your Australia work experience.
No need to go out. You can apply while staying in Australia.

(Jacob) #3

Hi Anil,

Thanks so much for your response and encouragement. The intended occupation is ANZSCO 351411 Cook. Is this occupation currently open for 189, 190 & 489 visas ? I understand 65 points is the minimum points for EOI eligibility for all three visa sub-classes. What is the minimum points that must be achieved for a good chance to be invited to apply under 189, 190 & 489 for this occupation ?

(Anil Gupta) #4

Yes, the occupation “cook” is open for 190 and 489 but not for 189.

You need 80 points to have any realistic chance of invitation.

(Jacob) #5

Thanks Anil !

For 190 & 489 invitations, are
the 80 points to be achieved before or after adding the additional points for
State Sponsorship (5 points) and State Sponsorship to Regional Area (10 points)



(Anil Gupta) #6

80 points include state or regional nomination points