Can I apply by myself or consultant is necessary with 65 points

I have total 65 point without PTE, can I apply by myself or consultant is necessary?

Australia PR Consultant can ONLY fill forms for you

Not sure what can Consultant do with 65 points that can get you an invitation?

A consultant can only fill out your forms and do nothing else.

PR points are given based on individual Education, Work Exp

The points are given based on your education, English score and other factors.
If you follow the our step by step article, you can do everything yourself.

English Score is mandatory for Australia PR application

Have you given any English exam? You said ‘without PTE’. Does that mean you have not given English test or you have score from IELTS or other?

I think that one can file the PR application on their own and save consultant fees. It is up-to you if you want to engage a consultant or not.