Can I apply an another Medical Assessment(New HapID) in Australia 189 Visa Application if I already submitted one?

I have already submitted only the Health Assessment with my previous EOI.

If a new EOI is applied and got an invitation, I wanted to generate a new HapID but wanted to remove the previously submitted one.

Then the following pop is to be seen, in which the last line’s Form 1446 link is not working.
Is it okay if I just remove it and not withdrawing it? May I know if you can help me to proceed?


Which link is not working?
Your question is not clear to me.

Sorry. I updated the question again!

If the link is not working, you can find form 1446 separately online, fill it and upload to your immiaccount.

Is it mandatory to withdraw the application or can I just remove it?

It is better you withdraw the EOI if you don’t plan to use it.