Can I alone travel to India while my H4 and child H4 extension are in progress leaving my child here in USA

I applied H4 extension for both me and my child along with EAD(first time) on 7/12/21. I’m planning to travel to India due to an emergency, trying to find out the consequences.

  1. What happens to my H4 extension if I get stamping in India?
  2. What happens to my child’s H4 extension if I get stamping in India?
  3. What happens to my EAD (This is the first time I’m applying for EAD)
    My spouse and child will be here in USA when I’m gone to India.

Generally EOS application are not treated abandoned if the beneficiary travel outside the US while the application is pending however can be denied if the beneficiary is not present in the US at the time of adjudication. If this happens, it may impact H4 EAD application.

If you get stamping in India and then come back to the US before the approval of H4 EOS, and H4 EOS is approved, there will be a mismatch in your I-94 issued by CBP at port of entry and the one attached to the H4 EOS approval notice (I-797).
This mismatch in I-94 can create issues with driver’s license renewal. To fix the mismatch you can travel bordering country like Mexico or Canada and get the I-94 fixed.

Should be no issue.

Should be no issue.