Can H4 visa be stamped on the old employer petition?


My husband h1b and my h4 is valid till April 2021. However, passport stamp has expired on Dec 2019. My husband has changed his employer from A to B and his H1b transfer raises by Employer B is in process.

Questions -

  1. Do I need to transfer H4 as well? Or is it okay if I raise extension and transfer simultaneously later on - may be in Feb/March since i797 is valid till April 2021.

  2. In case I need to travel to India in between, I will need to get my passport stamped. In that case, can stamping be done with my current petition which was approved when my husband was with employer A or will there be any issues since he has now changed employer? Do I need my husband’s latest i797 when I travel back to USA?

The old Employer would most probably withdraw the H1B petition and if you use it to apply H4, it may be denied or you may receive form 221g.

Its always better to use the most recent approved H1B.