Can H4 spouse I-94 be extended based on the H1B I-797 (I-94) extension at the US-Canada border travel?

I have recently received my approved H1B extension(I-797) valid till 2025 (Originally Jan 2023)
My Spouse’s current H4 VISA STAMP EXPIRED. However, H-4 I-94 is still valid till Jan 2023.
My Spouse’s new H4 extension is still in process since not applicable for premium processing.
My Spouse’s does NOT have valid H4 Visa Stamp on her passport
We are planning to apply Canada visitor visa


  1. Can we both drive to Canada and return on the way back at the border, Can she get her H4 I-94 extended to 09/2025 by showing the newly approved H1B extension (I-797) till 2025, using Automatic revalidation before her current i94 expires (Jan 2023?)
  2. No officer would complain that her VISA STAMP is expired, i assume right ?

Some of my friends tried Rainbow bridge land border and Toronto pearson airport as well. Both places, they did not extend H4 with an expired H4 visa. If valid H4 visa is available, then the H4 I-94 can be extended based on H1. Best option is to go for H4 stamping and entering back.