Can H4 extension get RFE because of expired passport?


Hi anil … my hubby’s h1b visa extension got RFE and at the same time am with h4 visa and my passport was expired on nov 2018 and we didn’t included documents of renewal passport… Company didn’t allowed us to submit my renewed passport documents with my husbands RFE documents… so my question is will we get again RFE because of my passport ? Or is there any chance of rejecting h1b visa?will they treat my case separately? Please help … Thank you

(Anil Gupta) #3

H4 extension application can get RFE due to expiring passport.

H1B application will not be affected by H4’s expiring passport.


Ok Thank you anil… In continuation for that, our 240 days grace period is going to expire on March 25th… so if I get RFE before that , can we stay in US or should we leave to India?

(Anil Gupta) #5

You can stay in US but H1B cannot work after 240 days if its a plain H1B extention.