Can H4 do blogging and open bank account in USA?

Hi Anil,
I’m on H4 visa, i would like to do online blogging. Is there any possibility i can have a bank account in USA? and pay the taxes here, or
should i have the bank details from my native and post the content from here ?
Thanks in advance!!!

H4 cannot legally work without EAD

With just H4 visa, you CANNOT work legally and receive payments.

H4 can open US bank account - No Issue

You can open a bank account though. There is no bar on opening checking or saving account.

Blogging on H4 visa and post from outside USA?

Even if you post the content from your native (outside USA) and receive payments, your work is considered to be done on US soil and it violates your H4 status legally.

Apply for H4-EAD

You can apply for H4-EAD work permit if you are eligible and then receive payment on your SSN.

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