Can H1b be transferred without recent paystubs on b2 visa


Assume an employee who worked on h1b for several years got laid off and switched to b2 tourist status to maintain legal status. The employee did not receive paystubs 4-5 months however his h1b is still not expired. Can he transfer h1b without paystubs or with old paystubs in case he finds a sponsor. What are the chances of denial?

You are not expected to have payslips if your current status is B2.

Chances of approval depend on Employer paperwork.

Thanks for the answer Anil. Yes that’s correct. During the time on B2 there are no pay stubs. The only pay stubs are from the period while he was working on H1B which are 4-5 months old. Is the transfer possible in this case? What does it depend on the employer paperwork? I would appreciate if you can elaborate.