Can F1 visa student on OPT take leave take maternity leave without losing the visa status?

My wife is currently on OPT. Due to pregnancy, she plans on taking 12 weeks FMLA which her company provides and working on the documentation for the same.

Following are some queries I have

  1. Can an F1 visa student on OPT status avail leave under FMLA without losing the visa status?

  2. If so, is there any limit on the leave she could take?

  3. Is there any specific documentation which needs to be filled so her school or immigration knows about this?

Thanks in advance and would appreciate any advice

F1 student can avail medical leave but 12 weeks seems to be a bit long to me.

I think the law is that you can stay un-employed (unpaid leave) for about 90 days

You should talk to your employer’s attorney to plan the leaves.