Can EB3 i140 be replaced with EB2 if it gets current earlier than EB3 after downgrade?

Hi Anil,
my PD is June 2010, I have labor EB2 and i140 from company a , and I moved to company b which filed the labor EB2 and I 140 , and ported my PD ,

Should I file EB2 to EB3 downgrade with June 2010?

Do you suggest I move to EB3 at this point , will I get to do i140 for EB3 in premium processing

Will EB3 date be current in Final Action soon?

Also what time frame do you expect the EB3 PD to move to June 2010 ( not just the Filing date) , , if not I might be with an ead and not the GC after I file 485

Can EB3 i140 be replaced with EB2 if EB2 gets current earlier than EB3 later?

There can be a case where my EB3 is in Ead and EB2 then move and becomes current , In that casr can I go to eb2 again and get my GC

File EB2 to EB3 downgrade for June 2010 date

I would suggest to wait and let the date become current and the. File i140+i485 concurrently.

EB3 Final Action is not going to move fast

The EB3 ‘Final Action’ date is not expected to reach June 2010 in next 12 months.
The ‘Date of filing’ may also be closed in Feb 2019 as per my estimation.

EB3 i140 can be replaced with EB2 to keep i485 active

Already answered this question before here:

More information about EB2 to EB3 downgrade:

My I 140 got approved in 2016 Aug with employer ‘A’ and just last month I joined employer ‘B’ who’s told me they will file my GC after 1 year. Now since USCIS have given date of filling till Jan 2015 I was wondering what are my options if they call for 2016 also earlier than expected I mean within 6 months or a year? Will I loose my priority date if my employer didn’t file my GC by then or I didn’t had my new i140. Plz help.


My Priority date is 2010 September and I have both EB3 and EB2 with my employer. Can you suggest which is the best option to file for Green card as both EB2 and EB3 are current now ? I saw news where EB3 final action dates will move faster (until end of 2010) in few months.

Hi @Anil_Gupta ,

Can you help me to answer my question?

Hi @Krishna_K

Please use this app for EB or EB3 filing suggestions based on your priority date.