Bridge petition - please help

Hello everyone,

Petition1: My employer applied for my H1b extension with my old client before my i140 expires. Initial H1 Validity till 09/31/2019

But I got RFE for petition1 and unfortunately my contract got also ended

Petition2: Without actually answering the RFE my employer filed another petition after the i140 expiration. I was expecting consular processing for this assuming the “Bridge petition” scenario. But it got approved (Validity on i797 approval: 02/11/2020 to 09/31/2022 with new i94 expiration) and I have been working here for the 2 years.

My attorney suggested my employer to withdraw petition1 as petition2 has already been applied

Recently I got an opportunity with another company and as part of the H1b transfer they are asking me for supporting docs for my stay in us from 09/31/2019 to 02/11/2020.

When I checked with my current employer/attorney, they are saying it is not at all an issue as your second petition is approved and having the validity date after the previous i94 expiry date is common because the petition 2 is applied after the i94 expiry.

Please let me know if you see any issues with my current situation.

I dont think this is any issue as the gap is less than 60 days.