Bridge petition for h1b consular process

My i94 expires on Sept 2019 prior to expiry i applied for extension unfortunately my contract is done and i got RFE on Feb 2020.

In March 2020 i got new contract and applied for extension got consular process on June 2020(premium processing). On June 2020 i applied for b1 visa as well to maintain the status due travel ban.

After applying B1 my employer withdraw the RFE one .15 days gap between two(RFE one and B1).

My employer is telling that he is going to apply the bridge petition for getting i94 because i got an offer from my old client .Upto now my status is unlawful presence or not.

if it is how many days(what is the process to get out of this) and i am eligible for bridge petition? All are same employer

Your situation is not clear to me. You have mixed up things.

If you have filed any H1B or B1/B2 after i94, then your application can probably only be approved through consular process.

@Anil_Gupta yes this what happen the things here are mixed up just i want to check any unlawful presence