Bridge petition during grace period with valid I-94

I got laid off by company A but have a valid I-94 till 2021. I joined company B on receipt within 60 days grace period (to remain in status) but received an RFE. Later, company C also filed for H1B transfer (on 67th day).

  1. Both are premium processing. Company B is taking lot of time to respond to RFE. Is company C’s petition dependent on company B’s decision first even if I have a valid I-94 till 2021 (from company A)?
  2. What happens if company B’s petition is denied? Is company C petition still valid?
  3. Can I join company C on receipt? Company B will withdraw the petition upon my resignation. Will that cut the bridge since transfer from A to B was withdrawn/denied and impact bridge transfer from B to C?

You can join company C on receipt as you maintained your H1B status by joining company B.

Bridge concept is applicable only when your i94 has expired.

Thanks - What if company A (who laid me off) revokes my H1B? Will my I-94 which was attached to company A visa will also be revoked? Or will the validity till 2021 still remain?

Also, the petition form for company C, mentioned company B’s no. as the latest petition. I.e transfer was requested from B to C (not from A to C). Hope it’s still not considered a bridge petition?

I94 stays valid till the date mentioned on it but the onus of maintenance of status is on you.

If you can’t maintain the H1B status, you will be counted ‘out of status’.

I have answered your other question about bridge already earlier.

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Hi Anil.

I am on similar situation as the original questioner. However, i have file h1 transfer with company C with i797 and paystubs of company A. I haven’t mentioned o company C about my company B rfe (where i joined on receipt). Is that ok? as company C transfer is with in 60 days as well.

Also, i will be traveling to india during this time, as i have my visa stamped until 2020 and company A i797 till 2021. Will there be any problem at immigration due to the pending transfer?

Hi @mdsaif

You may be denied entry based on pending H1B transfer. I do not recommend travelling at all.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your response. Actually i might have confused you about my actual situation. I have posted my question earlier, below is the link if you can please answer that. I have ticket for next week…thanks in advance

Hello, just wanted to close the loop. My visa with my latest employer was approved :blush:

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Hi @Visa123
Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Enjoy.

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Thanks a lot - Now I am joining my new company C with my newly approved visa & already quit the job with company B. My new company lawyers asked me to confirm that company B will withdraw the petition.

But company B is not ready to withdraw the petition & is planning to respond to RFE. They feel they might be able to offer me better package. I am worried that company B’s visa might get approved but for a shorter duration (say 1 yr) since it’s a small consulting company where the work is dependent on client contracts. Will that impact my latest approved I-94 from company C? Will there be any other complications with my company C visa?

I really want company B not to respond to RFE & withdraw the petition as no matter what I won’t be joining them again. Can I somehow legally force them to withdraw as I don’t want any complications?

Hi @Visa123

Company B can keep doing what they want to do. If you are not their payroll and working as per Company C’s payroll and approved H1B terms and conditions, you are fine.

There is no need to worry.

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@Visa123 Did you join company c on receipt ? also did you go out of country to get the I94?