Birth Certificate of Applicant issued by EOI/Consulate in Indian Passport renewal?

(Anonymous) #1

I am renewing my child’s Indian passport.

In Check list at 7th point they are asking for Birth Certificate of Applicant, which I have to send a copy of it but at 15th point they are asking again for Birth Certificate of Applicant (issued by EOI/Consulate).

Will it also be required to send or Simple Birth certificate will be ok to submit?

(Anil Gupta) #2

Was your kid born in US or India? What option did you select when you started the CKGS application process?

The Birth certificate issued by EOI/Consulate is NOT applicable for kids born in India.

So, do not worry about it.
You just send one copy of Birth certificate with your package.

(Anonymous) #3

Yes, my kid is born in India. And Thanks for your fast reply.

(Sameer Talar) #4

Thanks for posting this question…I also had same question in my mind for my kids passport renewal.

(Jayaraman Shanmugam) #5

Thanks a lot. It helps!

(Vishal) #6

Can somebody applied please help by replying…did it work only sending the Indian birthcertificate only and not sending EOI/Consultate attested birth certificate.