Birth Certificate of Applicant issued by EOI/Consulate in Indian Passport renewal?

I am renewing my child’s Indian passport.

In Check list at 7th point they are asking for Birth Certificate of Applicant, which I have to send a copy of it but at 15th point they are asking again for Birth Certificate of Applicant (issued by EOI/Consulate).

Will it also be required to send or Simple Birth certificate will be ok to submit?


Was your kid born in US or India? What option did you select when you started the CKGS application process?

The Birth certificate issued by EOI/Consulate is NOT applicable for kids born in India.

So, do not worry about it.
You just send one copy of Birth certificate with your package.

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Yes, my kid is born in India. And Thanks for your fast reply.

Thanks for posting this question…I also had same question in my mind for my kids passport renewal.

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Thanks a lot. It helps!

Can somebody applied please help by replying…did it work only sending the Indian birthcertificate only and not sending EOI/Consultate attested birth certificate.

Hi @vishalnarula
If you read the answer above, it clearly says that there is NO need for embassy attestation if your kid was born in India and you have the birth certificate.


Thanks Anil for the quick reply. Appreciate that !
I got confirmation from CKGS as well that it is fine not to send attestation for Kid having Indian birth certificate.


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thanks for this clarification, about to apply got this doubt

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