BC PNP - Skills Immigration vs Express Entry

I’ve received an offer from BC-PNP and they are ready to process my work visa too using BC PNP process but I’m not sure which PNP process should I begin?

Unfortunately, I haven’t done my education evaluation yet and no IELTS since I was not planning for that. Now I have the job offer but confuse with process.

There are two options as per - WelcomeBC - BC Provincial Nominee Program | BC, Canada

Skills Immigration - In this option, I don’t need to get ECA done for my documents, however I don’t know how can I leverage these points (Province Nomination) to get PR later through Express Entry when I start that process.

Express Entry - First, I need to create the Express Entry profile. Then, I will have to use that EE in PNP EE. But I can’t do it right now because my ECA is not done yet.

There is one more option “BC PNP Tech Pilot” and I have no idea.

My question is - for now If I go with “Skills Immigration” path and get my work visa. Will I able to use this in my Express Entry PR process later when my WES ECA & IELTS are done? Or is there a way I could create my EE profile with Job offer letter and when ECA & IELTS done then I can add those?

I have read somewhere If I go with “Skills Immigration” path now then I can’t proceed with Express Entry path later to get my PR instead there will be a paper based process from province itself.

Can you please advise or confirm if my understanding is correct? Also, if you could give your recommendation to decide the right path that would be really helpful.

Thank you!

Hi @arjunreddy

If you have not done IELTS and education evaluation yet, then it is better to go ahead with ‘skills immigration’ pathway as mentioned on British Columbia PNP site: