B1/B2 Limited Financial Status - Visa Application


I started a job three months ago on H4 EAD. I want my parents to visit the US. They are 70+ now, Dad is too old to work. He retired voluntarily a while ago. He worked in a small private sector company until 2017. Parents don’t have their own house, any properties, or any assets in their names. They have a very small bank balance left for themselves. For applying for a B1/B2 visa, what should I enter in their occupation and income or show that they have their roots back in India? What documents are required to prove they have ancestral roots associated with India ?

How much bank balance should they have to show to be eligible to come to the US, they wont stay long may be two months? We will provide a letter that we will take care of their expenses here, but are worried about what to show about their financial status in India. I am aware of the visa slot issues and plan for them to come sometime next year. I do not have any properties in my name, either in India or abroad, and am not in a position to invest either.

I thought I could send some money to them to have a better bank balance, but how much will the visa officer be looking for in their bank balance? If so, how many years of bank statements will they check? a year or more than that. I see many applicants getting their visas rejected even after having sufficient financial status in India. Do my parents have any chance of getting their visa approved to visit the US?

Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs.

Bank statement/fixed deposits, bank lockers with gold ornaments or other valuables, any PPF account, retirement income/pension, medical/life insurance, their siblings or extended family, any regular medical treatment that they might be taking in India.
If they dont have monthly income, you can provide sponsoring and submit your financial documents.

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