Avoid crossing border at Laredo for i94 if CBP asks me to and come back to home in US?

Hi Anil,

If i go to CBP office in Laredo to try my luck with I94 extenstion and if officer doesn’t update it and instead asks me to go to US-Mexico border (like your case), can i avoid going to border and instead just come back to my home in Houston?

I want to get I94 updated without crossing border and risking going into Mexico as i still have a month left for I-94 expiry, i would rather just go India.

But if it happens in side US only in CBP office i want to get I94 updated

Please let me know so i can plan. thanks again for your info. much appreciated

Hi @faizuddin

Crossing the border is your choice

If the immigration officer asks you to cross the US border and re-enter to update your i94, then it is your choice to take that chance or not.
They do NOT force you. You are still on US side and safely come back to your home (if you decide to NOT cross border) and use other methods to extend your i94.

Mexico immigration is NEVER touched

You do not need to go through Mexico Immigration at all.

You just cross the US border (step into Mexico land) and then immediately turn back to enter USA.
In this whole process, you never even see any Mexico immigration counter.

If US does not let you re-enter from Mexico border?

In the unfortunate case of rejecting your entry in USA (it is possible), you will need to go into Mexico as that would be the only option left for you.

Your US visa/ i797 are valid to enter Mexico. So, no need to worry about applying for Mexico visa separately.

Let me know if you need more information.

Ok thanks for your response. so basically its a 50-50 chance that CBP officer approves it right? so will CBP officer also ask same questions like POE officer or its just verify new passport, I797 and update I-94?

Will CBP officer ask us to cross border?

Yes, its a 50-5- chance. It depends on your luck.
We were asked to cross border, as a matter of fact. Its easy and simple as i have shown in pictures.

CBP officer questions

CBP officer can also ask same questions as at any other port of entry (like an airport).
You have the same chances of approval there as well.
They do verify your papers.

I’ve been there couple of weeks back and got my I-94 renewed without crossing the border.

Thanks @chandra for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

So, it all depends on individual luck :slight_smile:

Yes, thats correct!!

Hi Chandra, what questions did CBP ask you?

concern for my friend is, his H1 LCA is from different state but he moved to texas. so just want to make sure officers there don’t stress about address where you will stay and why you travelling to texas-mexico border if your lca is from different state

Just standard questions like at any POE, it would be based on your visa.
For H1B they would ask about your job, where you work, live etc…

Do carry all the documentation you can possibly have :slight_smile:

Hi @faizuddin

Do you mean that your friend is working now from Texas or came to Texas just for getting i94 extended?

As I said earlier, at CBP office, they have the rights to ask anything about your visa, legal status, US address and anything else that they usually do at any airport based port of entry.

Its the same CBP that you see at airport immigration counter.

So, he should be prepared with everything.

Moving to different state should be done only after filing #h1b-amendment to maintain status.