Automatic Visa Revalidation if I-94 had expired due to passport expiry?


Do i qualify for Automatic Visa Revalidation if my I-94 had expired on Nov 2018 due to passport expiry. but now i have new I797A with different employer and new I94 attached to I-797A till 2021

Previous visa stamp expiry- September 2019
Previous I94- Nov 2018

new passport- 2028
new I797A and I94 expirt - Nov 2021

Hi @Chennai

Why do you want to use Automatic Visa Revalidation if your visa is valid up-to September 2019?

AVR is for people who’s visa stamp has expired and they want to travel to either Mexico or Canada.

because my I94 was expired due to passport expiry on Nov 2018 even though my h1 visa was stamped uptil Sep 2019.

if or will POE officer ask me about I94 expiry can i show him new I-797A +I-94 (attached to it) which is till Nov 2021?

I still do not understand your purpose of travel.

If you already have got a new i94, what is your purpose?

You have a valid i94 and a valid visa. What else do you want?

i have to visit canada this month for PR. so while coming back want to make sure i don’t need anything else

Ohh…now you have told me the real reason.

You do not need to use AVR process as you have valid H1B stamp in your passport. You can use it to enter USA.

so if POE officer asks about expired I94 stamp on my old passport, can i show him my new I797A and new passport and tell him i now work for different employer than my previous employer whose h1visa stamp i have?

Old Employer visa stamp is not an issue.

You can show them the new approved i797 and everything should be fine.