Automatic Revalidation Travelling to Cancun from US : Question

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi @Anil_Gupta ,

I am planning to travel to Cancun for my getting my H4 i94 extended. We have mexican tourism visa.

Currently my spouse’s H1B is approved until 2025 and I have valid i94 until June 15 attached to my current H4 I797. But our visa stamps are expired in the passport.

Do we qualify for AVR in this case? We are planning to air travel.

What are the chances that my i94 (h4) will be extended to my spouse’s current i797(2025).

Do they ask for valid visa stamps in the passport. I have a question as where they will put the ‘admit until’ stamp.

Please provide the answers as it will be helpful for us. Thanks!

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi @Anil_Gupta We tried San Diego both Otay Mesa and San Ysidro but CBP denied saying that our current visa stamp is expired in the passport. Thats why considering air travel.

Would Air travel worked to Cancun worked for anyone? Thanks!

That means the morons dont know the CBP rules. Try your luck again at different time/date if it a short drive from where you live.
Cancun will work for sure however make sure you have a valid Mexico tourist card (FMM) as your US visa is expired.

Sure thanks so much for replying.

Hi Arun,
I’m on the same boat, and my wife is planning travel for her I-94 extension, planning this trip on May 30 - June 2nd ( immediately) Can you please reach us on

I would like to understand your experience

I am on the same boat. My company applied for H1 and H4 extension. H1 extension is approved till 2025. H4 extension (539) is still pending. Both of our visa expired on August 11th but our I-94 is expiring on 21st August. We are planning to go to Canada border and get I-94 extended with new dates (2025). Will there be any problem in this case?

The H1B I-94 should be attached with the I-797 approval notice for the recently approved extension of status. You may though visit Canada or Mexico CBP to extend H4 I-94 if H4 is working on EAD and you are seeking automatic extension for EAD. If H4 do not hold EAD, there is no point with I-94 extension as you already have pending extension of status application for H4.
Crossing Canadian border though ma6 need a Canadian visitor visa.

Thanks, Kalpesh for your reply. In my case, my 140 got approved in September 2021 and applied for H4 EAD right after it in September 2021 with my existing 797 with the 11th August 2022 End date.
She got her H4 EAD approved and card on 4th August 2022 (more than 10 months for processing) with a week’s validity. So we missed an opportunity to get an auto extension.
Since it is taking a long time for an H4 Extension, I thought of going to the Canada border and getting new I-94 for H4 with my new 797 (valid till 2025) and applying for an H4 EAD extension so that clock starts ticking immediately.
Last night we crossed the border at Peace Bridge NY, but unfortunately, they haven’t given the new I-94 and told me that she needs to have approved 797 (I-539) and cannot use my new 797.
Now I need to wait till H4 gets approved and apply for H4 EAD.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed response. Air Travel to Cancun worked for us the CBP was able to give the I94 for my spouse for upto my validity(2025). She is able to continue working for upto 540 days extension.
Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your inputs on this.
When we returned back with in 15 days the H4 visa got denied for a valid reason( that my spouse is already granted extension until 2025 by the CBP), it was a valid denial.
Then later in a month, she received the EAD approval.
I would say if you dont have valid US visa on your passport the land border is not working( in our case). Taking an Mexico visa and doing air travel to Cancun n coming back worked for us.
Also it depends on the CBP too. All the best for whoever is trying :slight_smile:

Did you go to the Canada side or just walked back without trying to enter Canada?

We didn’t enter Canada. We turned around on bridge and entered USA. Will that makes difference?

Please refer the below link from another forum.