Automatic Revalidation Travelling to Cancun from US : Question

Hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi @Anil_Gupta ,

I am planning to travel to Cancun for my getting my H4 i94 extended. We have mexican tourism visa.

Currently my spouse’s H1B is approved until 2025 and I have valid i94 until June 15 attached to my current H4 I797. But our visa stamps are expired in the passport.

Do we qualify for AVR in this case? We are planning to air travel.

What are the chances that my i94 (h4) will be extended to my spouse’s current i797(2025).

Do they ask for valid visa stamps in the passport. I have a question as where they will put the ‘admit until’ stamp.

Please provide the answers as it will be helpful for us. Thanks!

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi @Anil_Gupta We tried San Diego both Otay Mesa and San Ysidro but CBP denied saying that our current visa stamp is expired in the passport. Thats why considering air travel.

Would Air travel worked to Cancun worked for anyone? Thanks!

That means the morons dont know the CBP rules. Try your luck again at different time/date if it a short drive from where you live.
Cancun will work for sure however make sure you have a valid Mexico tourist card (FMM) as your US visa is expired.

Sure thanks so much for replying.

Hi Arun,
I’m on the same boat, and my wife is planning travel for her I-94 extension, planning this trip on May 30 - June 2nd ( immediately) Can you please reach us on

I would like to understand your experience